Hey Yall!

It’s Jalynn.

I’m just trying to live up to my potential and be the best example for my daughter that I can be.

Every Wednesday, I will give you a peek into my thought bubble. I will share my weekly PM Reflection.

Each post will vary and I will share my trials and triumphs of motherhood; I may also include my reviews/experiences with different products and methods.

My triumphs include raising the most beautiful little girl. My trials include fighting between who I was before motherhood, who I am now as a new mom, and who I want to be.

I hope you take this journey with me. I hope my reflection is comforting to you in some way.

My goal for this blog/site is to have a creative outlet. I am open to going in the direction it takes me…

So lets try to get our lives together; one week at a time, piece by piece. Read my reflection through your tears as I write through mine.




*champagne and confetti*


Published by Jalynn

Mom, careerwoman, powerlifter;

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