Sleep When Baby Sleeps

“Sleep when baby sleeps”… Yeah, I’ll sleep when my baby sleeps during our 15 minute car ride to the store; in church; in the waiting room at the doctor’s office; while grocery shopping; during our afternoon walks; and at night.

10 reasons why I rarely sleep when baby sleeps during the day:

  1. I am hungry or I would like to cook a quick meal.
  2. I would like to get ready for the next day.
  3. I haven’t showered yet.
  4. The dishes need to be washed.
  5. I need a few minutes to my self.
  6. I want to get a quick workout in.
  7. I need to do some quick cleaning.
  8. I’m not tired at that exact moment.
  9. I want to spend time with my partner.
  10. I have to go to work.

There are many times that I choose to sleep over doing other things. When I do, it usually comes back to haunt me because then I end up on the negative side of the things I listed above, i.e. scrambling to get everything together in the morning, not having clean dishes or clothes, not having dinner.



We prioritize self care but its not always so cut and dry. Yes I need sleep, but I also need these other things to be done. There is no happy medium sometimes. We constantly stress over trying to do it all; but that is not possible every day. Sometimes we can check off everything on our list, sometimes we barely make it through the day, sometimes all we do is hold our baby and sleep.

Life is all about having to make choices. Life is a big game of “Would You Rather”. Sometimes we can do it all, sometimes we can only do one thing. I have to constantly remind myself that its okay to not check off anything on my list. Ask for help from loved ones, prioritize your day, accept that you can’t do it all every day, and forgive yourself.

Check out my previous post about How to PROPERLY Complete Your TO-DO List.




***champagne and confetti***






Cover Photo by Garrett Jackson on Unsplash

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