She Does

Moms are the ones that make things happen.

Moms make sure everyone is taken care of.

Moms make sure the dishes and clothes are washed.

Moms make sure the house is clean, and everything is in its place.

Moms make remind others what to do and show them the way.

Who shows moms the way?


Moms try their hardest.

They give everything they’ve got.

When they have nothing left, they give.

They pour from an empty cup because they have to.

No one else is capable – so it seems.


But really.


Who checks on her? Who genuinely wants to help?

Who makes sure she goes to bed on time?

Who makes sure she has her dinner?

Who makes sure she is healthy and strong?

Who congratulates her? Who tells her good job, thank you, I appreciate you?

Who wishes her well?


She does it for herself. She has to.



by Jalynn Moll (




Thanks for reading.

Photo by Matthew Smith on Unsplash




***champagne and confetti***


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