To the person who always puts others’ needs and feelings first…

You can’t keep pouring from an empty cup. Take time for yourself…

Not everyone has the ability to give like you do- and its not necessarily their fault. We always seem like we have it all together… They may not realize that you need time, that you need love, that you need effort too.

People like us have to create our own safe space. We have to be our own comfort. We have to plan our own good time. If we can plan for others and make their day great, why not plan a great day for ourselves??

Self-care man, do it.

What is self care??

Screenshot of definition of self-care.



Now, self care looks different for different people.

I know its hard take time away from our responsibilities to do this. Mom guilt is real. How dare I go to work all day, come home work out, and then take even more extra time away from my family!!!???

But honestly, your family won’t remember those few extra minutes you are away… You know what they will remember? Your bad attitude, your aggression, your tiredness all the time. A happy mommy, or whatever your role is, is 10000x better than an exhausted and stressed mommy.

Think of self care as giving yourself the ability to put your best foot forward… So give it a try! In the words of Tia Mowry, “Self care isn’t selfish.”

When I take time for myself, even if its just a few hours, I feel refreshed and ready to take on anything!




Oh, and after you practice this self care, start putting your own needs and feelings first for a change. You may seem like the bad guy for a bit, but be the hero for your own story and not everyone else‘s.




***champagne and confetti***




Featured Image: Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

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