A letter to the girl (or guy) who feels way over his/her head and can’t seem to stay on top of everything…

Don’t let it swallow you whole… You’re doing the best you can. The things that aren’t completed today can be done tomorrow, and that is fine. Don’t forget about those close to you who love you. Don’t push them away while you are trying to reach unrealistic deadlines.

Take time to breathe. When you aren’t doing what you’re “supposed to do” enjoy what you are actually doing… enjoy that tv show. Enjoy your kids. Enjoy that extra 30 minutes in traffic by listening to your favorite playlist or phoning a loved one.

The worst thing you can do is spend all of your time thinking about something else you should do or counting down time. It drains your energy.

Enjoy each moment because once it passes, it’s gone forever… You will never be this young again. Your kids will never be this tiny and needy again. This time with your loved ones may never happen again.



A few things that are more important than your errands, your money, or your projects:

  1. Your health (mental and physical)
  2. Time with your loved ones
  3. REST
  4. Having a solid plan (not just trying to keep busy)
  5. Just plain FUN

When you feel consumed by it all, take 10 minutes to reflect. Ask yourself:

  1. What is most important to me right now?
  2. What can wait until tomorrow?
  3. What needs to be done right now?
  4. How can I complete these goals effectively?
  5. When is the best time to work on each task without interruption?
  6. What time of day can I get the most done?

To me, the last two questions are the most important. I have to do most of my work without interruption so I can maximize my time and energy. The early mornings are the best time for me. Whatever I can’t fit in the 2-3 hours before everyone wakes up will have to wait until tomorrow (or until nap time lol).



Stop focusing so much on what you aren’t doing and focus on what you can do and when you can do it. Compartmentalize and properly time out everything. Love each minute. Love what you’re doing. Its your life to live.  You are doing the work… don’t let it work you. Remember the reasons why you started. The reasons you started are sometimes the same things that get in your way, but that makes it so much more special.




***champagne and confetti***



PS: check out my older post about How to Properly Complete Your TO-DO List (its not just for moms)!!




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