To the person trying your hardest…

person running through the mud

You aren’t alone.

Here is a list of what I’m trying my best to do, so you can know I kinda understand:

  1. Study for and pass my exam (I failed it the first time)
  2. Be an amazing mom
  3. Be an amazing partner
  4. Be a great employee
  5. Workout when I’m supposed to and be fit
  6. Eat decently
  7. Enjoy each day
  8. Run a business
  9. Be a blogger
  10. Get enough sleep
  11. Keep a non-dirty house
  12. Stay sane
  13. Practice self-care
  14. Be social, make new friends

The things I’m actually doing:

  1. Stressing
  2. Studying
  3. Feeling guilty
  4. Being tired
  5. Being hard on myself

So yeah, that’s what I have going on… I think this is more of a letter to myself than anyone else, but here she is!



It’s tough because I want more than one thing… if I ONLY wanted to keep a clean house, that would be easy. If I ONLY wanted to be an amazing mom and forgot the other stuff, it would be easy. If I ONLY wanted to be fit, it would be easier…. There are 14 things that I listed off the top of my head that I want to successfully do on a regular basis… that’s a lot. Of course, it’s hard to balance it all!

Is it possible to do it all? I think so! The biggest hurdle for me right now is this exam coming up next month… it’s taking so much time to study and prepare, I feel like I’m failing at the other things… I know it must be done, and exactly one month from now, it’ll be over and I WILL PASS this time. I will be able to spend more time on my other 13 tasks.




But back to you, the reader lol…



You may feel alone and way over your head (same). Whether you are trying to be successful at one thing or a million different things,  KEEP ON GOING! Once this task is complete, you’ll be glad you did it…

person running through the mud
Photo by Massimo Sartirana on Unsplash



Run through the mud and wash off later.

So what if you failed last time… you failed. YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE… Failures give up. Victors keep going til they win, until they finish.

Sacrifices have to be made. Be brave.

It hurts to have to block out the outside noise. Especially when that noise comes from those you love. They see you. They don’t understand the weight you carry on your shoulders, your own expectations for yourself. They don’t get it. They don’t understand why.

You hate yourself for procrastinating all this time, for not being as focused in the beginning, but its grind time now. It’s the fourth quarter, the money quarter,  and the winner is determined in the end, not the beginning. So get to it, bitch.

Boss bitches make moves, not excuses.

The first step is believing you can, dear. The hardest step is believing you will be successful. Your thoughts create a ripple affect that will lead you to your success. See yourself at the end. Know that you deserve this! Instead of worrying and thinking of 50 reasons why you can’t or wont, think about 50 reasons why you will and you should.




***champagne and confetti***


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