To the womxn who wants to change their appearance…

toddler girl with curly hair looking at her shoes


But forreal thooooo. Do it! Cut your hair, shave your head, get those highlights, dye your hair red, start dressing differently!!

What are you afraid of?

People are going to make fun of you whether you change or not. People are going to say mean things no matter how you dress. What a person criticizes about others is often something they criticize about themselves.

In the words of Jessie J, Masterpiece, “Those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind!”



On the topic of changing appearances, I want to tell yall something… I’m planning on going natural!!! You heard it second! I’m giving the “creamy crack” up. I will go without a relaxer until January. If I make it that long, I will decide to cut it or continue growing it out and transitioning. The last time I got a relaxer was the first week of September. Its only been 2 months, but I have been thinking about doing this change for a while.

About 2 years ago, I was super against myself going natural. I loved the natural look on others, I would often encourage others to do it; but I also loved my long, straight hair. I love the feeling of running a brush from roots to ends!

But lately, the past year or so, I’ve been getting tired of the straight hair look. I find myself regularly curling it and trying to make it bigger. So finally, I decided that its time to give myself a new look! I’ve had a short pixie cut, I’ve had bobs, inverted bobs, choppy layers, and plain straight hair. The only look I haven’t had is my natural curls.



I didn’t seriously consider going natural until I had my daughter. She has super curly, beautiful hair! I love her curls so much; it makes me want some too!!!!!

toddler girl with curly hair looking at her shoes
This picture honestly doesn’t do her justice, but you get the idea.



Obviously, I know that we will not have the same type of hair, but I want to love my own natural curls as much as I love her natural curls. I got my first relaxer when I was about 12 years old, so I remember what my hair was like, however, I’m sure the texture changed over the past 14 years lol.

And honesty, if I hate it, I could just get a relaxer again.

My point is, nothing has to be permanent. Hair will always grow back. You could always change your clothes, curl or straighten your hair, etc.… certain things aren’t as big of a risk as they seem. Sometimes, we are more afraid of ourselves than others when it comes to a change in appearance.

Also, you never know who you could inspire! Think of the young person who is afraid to make the same change you are afraid to make… seeing you could inspire them. We all have someone that inspires us to do something different. Take the risk for yourself and those that come after you.




***champagne and confetti***


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