Hey yall!

This week I am taking a break from my Letters to YOU series.

I want to introduce to you first, my new YouTube Channel!!!! I’m super excited and nervous about it. I have added the link to my channel beside my other social media links. I hope you all subscribe to that as well.

My YouTube channel will cover my natural hair journey (I am transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair), further discuss things that I cover in my blog, show workouts and fitness tips, and talk about whatever else that comes to mind, or even what you suggest.

It’s called PM Reflection. It’s whatever I am reflecting on at the moment!

Much like this blog, but in video form.

I am very dramatic and according to my cousin I have a dry sense of humor that would be great on camera lol. But I am honest. I won’t sugar coat anything, but if I love something, I’ll love it with the “intensity of a thousand suns”.

I hope you continue to enjoy my content cause I kinda enjoy making it.



I have put a link to my channel below!! These first few videos are about my hair transitioning journey. I will definitely let yall know when I post a new video so yall can check it out!

In these first 2 videos, I am showing how I do a coconut oil treatment on my transitioning hair. This can be done for all hair types. I used to do this with my relaxed hair too!

I will always continue to be raw and uncut lol!



Thanks for your continued love and support. I appreciate all the likes, views, and subscribers. I am looking forward to expanding my brand and having more to come for you!!



***champagne and confetti***


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