Be Kind, Even Behind the Screen.

When you are around a large group of associates, people you’ve never met, and people you haven’t seen or talked to in years, how often do you immediately say exactly what is on your mind?

How often do you say exactly what’s on your mind with these people, no matter how rude?

Also, how many times do you call them horrible names?

More than likely, you would never do this. I know I don’t.

If I do say what’s on my mind, I try to say it in a nice way. If its too mean or if I don’t think its worth the comment, I won’t say anything.



I have a hard time figuring out why we act this way on social media???

I see so many people yelling at people, calling others names, cursing them out… people they don’t even know!!! No matter if there is difference of opinions, since when is this the right way to say what you are thinking???

People call others fat or say that they’ve gained weight, as if the post or status was about that in the first place!

People are bluntly racist and rude, as if the internet isn’t available to everyone in the world.

People call celebrities out for not “making a statement” about the death of another celebrity as if they owe us a statement, or anything at all!

People want to “hold others accountable for their actions” and judge if someone is “genuine” in their apology or not… dude. Who are you to say what is genuine or not? No one owes you anything! Everyone is human. Everyone makes mistakes.



My point is, if you wouldn’t have the guts to act this way in person, don’t do it behind the screen of your computer or phone. If you do act this way face to face, go ahead with your bad self! Lol you aren’t in this category of people I’m speaking about.

I’ve comprised a list of reasons to delete a comment before submitting. I hope someone finds this helpful. Please let me know if you think of something I missed!

1. If you are trying to prove a point, and you result to name calling (including calling someone sweetheart, dear, and other otherwise typical words of endearment) – you are trying to act superior. Delete the comment.

2. If you are trying to get others to be on your side and you quote the bible. Delete the comment. Don’t use God’s words and pick them apart to push your own controversial agenda.

3. If you are using multiple curse words. Delete the comment. Or at least delete the curse words if the message isn’t bad.

4. If you are saying something that isn’t helpful to the situation. Delete!

5. If you give “constructive criticism” without it coming from a place of love… You know the drill.

6. If you feel the need to negatively comment on someone’s body image. DON’T.

7. If you would get upset if someone said the same thing to you. Just log off.

8. If you are triggered by something you read and want the world to know. Hold the keys!! Don’t type anything!!! LOG OFF.




Be kind. Even behind the screen.




***champagne and confetti***




Featured image: Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

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